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Sharif University of Technology
Graduate School of Management & Economics

سیستم های اطلاعاتی مدیریت
Information Systems Management (M.I.S)
مهر 92

General Information
Instructor:Nasser Karami
Telephone Number: 66165856
Class time
13:30-15:00 – Saturday & Monday
In this semester a group of TAs will support us!
This course introduces the field of Management Information Systems; the study of how people and organizations should use information technologies effectively. We survey the role of information systems in organizations and how they relate to organizational objectives and organizational structure. We discuss basic concepts such as the systems point of view, the organization of a system, the nature of information and information flows, as well as how people process information and related cognitive concepts. Objectives

To provide students with an understanding of the nature of Information Systems role in the present and future business environments, the methodology used in their development, and the management issues involved in their successful application to business problems. Required Text and Readings

1. Laudon Kenneth C. & P.Laudon J. (2012) Management Information Systems (Managing The Digital Firm) 2. Efraim Turban, Dorothy Leidner, Ephraim McLean & James Wetherbe (2008). Information Technology for Management: Transforming Organizations in the Digital Economy 3. Cases and Readings: Available at Bookstore.

You are asked to form teams of two or three members at the beginning of the course. Teams are expected to prepare final project and discuss the cases. The case reports will be prepared individually. Class Participation:

Much of the learning in this course will occur in class as you share your ideas, thought analyses, and questions with each other. Therefore, on time attendance at all class sessions is expected. Evaluation

1. Participation (%80 Attendance required)
2. Quizzes (individual) *
3. MIS Project (team)
4. Case Study activities (team) **
5. Assignments (individual) ***
6. Final Exam (individual)
7. Extra activities
205 Points
* Five quizzes
** Five case studies
*** Four assignments
The case method provides a useful vehicle by which to apply the theories, concepts, and analytical devices discussed in the class or in the reading materials. Case discussion forum provides an opportunity to discuss your position and to learn from others by listening to their comments and feedback. In selecting case materials, I have tried to choose cases which fit the content and objectives of the course. In general, the lessons to be learned from the cases are universally relevant and transcend particular situations. In preparing the case report you should answer the case questions and send back before the case session. Each group should choose one case to present. In case study sessions the group is to present and deliver the case, however they prefer. In addition, after the presentation there will be a discussion on the topic and all the students are to participate. Please discuss the case with your group and write the report individually. Course Project:

You will work with your group on an applied MIS project. Please consult with your assigned TA to find a company and develop the framework of your project. Please note that you should deliver the project report 30 days after your final exam date. The schedule of project reports will be given by TA. Course Schedule

Lecture Topics
Material &Activity
Supporting Books
Our Program
I. Foundation Concepts
Introduction & Concepts
(Session 1)
Chapter 1: Information Systems in Global Business Today
Managing and Using Information Systems: A Strategic Approach (12) Information Technology Management (15)
Strategic Information Systems...
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