MIS Competitive Strategies

Topics: Marketing, Porter generic strategies, Customer Pages: 3 (772 words) Published: April 14, 2011
Unit 1
MIS Competitive Strategies
Instructor: Mitch Raton
Student: Janet Schmidt
November 8, 2010
Today's world of business, shows us many uses as well as the advantages of Management Information Systems. A great example is that of the sporting industry, as the uses of information technology is very different comparatively of that of the retail industry. Businesses have differences in how they deal with the competitive forces, four generic strategies show how businesses can put them to use. These strategies are low-cost leadership, product differentiation, focus on market niche, and strengthening customer and supplier intimacy (Laudon & Laudon, 2010, pg. 96). Low-Cost Leadership

Businesses simply set forth to achieve the lowest production costs for their industry while accomplishing the expected levels of quality. To gain market share, businesses well sell their products at or below the industry prices for the purpose of obtaining higher profits over their rivals (Porter, n.d.). Product Differentiation

Essentially the use of this information system is to tailor their products and services to suit the individual needs of their customers in a inimitable way, which customers value and recognize to be superior to that of the competitors (Porter, n.d.). Focus On Market Niche

With this strategy, it is the purpose to achieve cost advantage or differentiation by molding a product or service to a particular market and particular division. This information system is useful as it may give a breakdown of the data which help businesses in developing techniques in sales and marketing. Overall businesses can get an analysis of the buying patterns, tastes, and preferences of their customers, which allow effective advertising and marketing of their products (Laudon & Laudon, 2010, pg.98; Porter, n.d.). Strengthening Customer & Supplier Intimacy

In this strategy links with suppliers are used for the purpose of developing a better report with their...
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