MIS Chapter 3 ethic guide questions

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Ethics Guide Chapter 3

1. In your opinion, did the new owners take any illegal action? Is there evidence of crime in this scenario?

Without the contract in view with the details of the purchase, then what is discuss is hearsay and not illegal, just unethical. This is the reason that there is a lack of evidence at the scene, now if the owner were to say that there was a stipulation in the contract that provided Yikes! employees protection, then it would be illegal.

2. Was the statement that Parks made to all of the employees unethical? Why or why not? If you questioned her about the ethics of her statement, how do you think she would justify herself?

The statement that Parks made to the employees at the meeting was unethical, because it is lying to the employees about the current situation and more importantly the changes that they are not only shifting markets but also drastically cutting staff. Parks, seems to be the type of person whom is just following orders, and with that in mind she would most likely blame the board that decided this was the best plan of action for the newly purchased company. All this would lead to her possibly also stating that the employees did not need to know because they would not be there long and serve the need of the company.

3. What do you think Parks will tell the founder if he calls as a result of your conversation with him? Does he have any legal recourse? Is Major Capital’s behavior toward him unethical? Why or why not?

If the previous owner did call Parks, which he most likely would not, she would state that the decision had been made and that he had sold the company and no longer had any say in what happened there anymore, Again, depending on the contract and what was said in it depends on the amount of legal recourse the previous manager has, if any. The behavior of the Major Capital Corporation is unethical because of the lie they told him about both the business and the operation of the...
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