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Topics: EBay, Website, Electronic commerce Pages: 12 (3667 words) Published: September 22, 2011
1.Most businesses should engage in e-commerce on the Internet. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain your position. * 2.Why do you think there have been so many business failures among “dot-com” companies that were devoted only to retail e-commerce? * 3.If personalizing a customer’s Web site experience is a key success factor, then electronic profiling processes to track visitor Web site behavior are necessary. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain your position. * 4.All corporate procurement should be accomplished in e-commerce auction marketplaces, instead of using B2B websites that feature fixed-price catalogs or negotiated prices. Explain your position on this proposal.

* 5.If you were starting an e-commerce Web store, which of the business requirements would you primarily do yourself, and which would you outsource to a Web development or hosting company? Why?

* 6.Small Business e-Commerce Portals
a.Check out Microsoft’s Small Business Center and the other e-commerce portals. Identify several benefits and limitations for a business using these websites. (Small Business Center and Entrabase.com are interesting sites that offer a wide variety of products and services.

b.Which is your favorite? Why?
* c.Which site would you recommend or use to help a small business wanting to get into e-commerce? Why? * d.Which sites would you use or recommend if you or a friend actually wanted to buy a car? Why? * 7. Comparing e-Commerce Sites

a.Using a spreadsheet, record a set of information similar to that shown below for each product. (Categories describing the product will vary depending upon the type of product you select – CDs might require the title of the CD and Performer[s], whereas toys or similar products would require the name of the product and its description. See figure 9.21.

A sample answer is provided in the exercise.
b.For each product rank each company based on the price charged. Give a rating of 1 for the lowest price and 3 for the highest and split the ratings for ties – two sites tying for 1st and 2nd lowest price would each receive a 1.5. If a site does not have one of the products available for sale, give that site a rating of 4 for that product. Add the ratings across your products to produce an overall price/availability rating for each site.

A sample answer is provided in the exercise.
c.Based on your experience with these sites rate them on their ease of use, completeness of information, and order-filling and shipping options. As in part (b), give a rating of 1 to the site you feel is best in each category, a 2 to the second best and a 3 to the poorest site.

a.Search using the terms "Ponzi Scheme" or "Pyramid Scheme." To find current examples in action, try searching for "plasma TV $50", "cash matrix," or "e-books" and "matrix," or "gifting" through a search engine or auction site. .

b.Search using the terms "phishing" and "identity." If possible include a printout of a real-world example that you or an acquaintance may have received via e-mail.
c.Search using the term "third party escrow." What legitimate function does this serve? Provide an example of a legitimate third party escrow service for Internet transactions. How has the third party escrow system been used to commit fraud on the Internet?

d.Prepare a one page paper describing a type of online fraud not covered above. Prepare presentation materials and present your findings to the class. Be sure to include a description of the fraud, how to detect it, and how to avoid it. Use real world illustrations if possible.

1.Consider your own online shopping patterns. How...
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