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Topics: Rapid application development, Mobile software, Computer program Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: November 22, 2013
Truong Do Kieu Khanh
There has been a tremendous amount of attention on getting "back to the desktop" with technologies like Apollo and Windows Presentation Foundation that enable some very rich, design-friendly experiences outside the browser. But there is still a very large contingent out there that thinks the browser will be the best way to deliver applications. But if that is the case, then we have to have a model that enables the browser to actually do that. Trying to build real applications using JavaScript that requires a tedious development cycle and a lot of per-browser workarounds just isn't going to cut it. From Ted's point of view, that is what makes the idea of open source Flash so compelling (and important). We get all the richness and robustness of Flash, but in a platform that anyone can contribute to and help grow. The birth of brilliant modern technology that can handle numerous applications on devices like IPhone, net books or Blackberries has created a sea of endless opportunities. Countless of application can and are being built right now all over the world. This is a long and hefty process and developers need a helping hand. That is where Appcelerator comes in. This a successful start-up from California which helps developers to efficientize their activity by cutting development time in half, driving down development costs and helping them avoid vendor lock-in. All this will finally mean increased revenues for that certain developer. Appcelerator does this by providing open source development platforms for building internet, mobile and desktop application and if needed consultancy and design review. The Platform is called Titanium and has some noticeable features like an extensible Module API and built-in support for Linux. Moreover, it supports a large variety of programming language like Python, JavaScript besides the basic C++. The Titanium platform is open source, so you may also access the source code to the complete the...
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