MIS answer 1

Topics: Mobile device, Insurance, Startup company Pages: 3 (1398 words) Published: September 26, 2014
Assignment 1

1. Most of the mobile devices such as iphone and ipad provide convenient social networking applications helping people communicate, collaborate and obtain essential information via e-mail, typing messages. These easy-used applications can let people get along with each other anywhere they like no matter between colleagues or families easily. Based on a fast and high-efficiency data-obtained function; people tend to use these handy applications making business decisions day by day. A true application of app used by GE’s Mobile Center help decision makers zoom in from the map to a specific transformer getting all key performance indicators and diagnostic information.

2. Some specific examples by using iphone to achieve a better control in the production line are a lot. For example, TCHO chocolate company make their integration industry come true since getting to use iphone in order to quickly change temperature with an alert, turn-on or off the chocolate machine and achieve faster time-control; GE employees use ipad to access email, contacts people and help them find patterns and trends in large volumes of data; Dow Corning’s Analytics get results of sales conditions for the silicon products, data analysis by using the App devices, and their employees use iphone to check email, exchange information, presenting ideas too; Sunbelt Rentals start to use a single data package system for sales team with a smart equipment of Mobile SalesPro. It’s appeared with a clear and complete system reports listed integrates data from different basic functions which takes a shortcut for sales managers to make any decisions in time; SAP’s business develops a one time applications for users to stay connected with customers and business anytime after work and get the information of products inventory and sales discount.

3. Nordstrom, a top shopping place, improves their price-check and check-out time under the help of the connection between iphone and...
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