Mis 205

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Shaheed Bir Uttam Lt. Anwar Girls School

MIS 205
Final Report

Submitted To:
Mohammed Rashed Uzzaman (Rzz)
Senior Lecturer
School of Business

Submitted By:
Magruba Hasan Zara0930 560 030
Faiaz Ahmed101 0700 030
Md. Raihan Hossain101 0135 030
Anika Fairuz093 0127 030
Saddam Nasir Chowdhury093 0111 030
Sonia Parveen Shaon0930 148 030

Date of Submission: 24th August, 2011
North South University, Dhaka.
Group Members:

Letter of transmittal
24 August, 2011
Mohammed Rashed Uzzaman
School of Business
North South University, Dhaka.
Course: MIS205 (sec: 09)
Subject: Submitting the project paper on “system development of Shaheed Bir Uttam Lt. anwer girls school” Dear Sir:
It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that we, the members of Group-5 have successfully completed our research study report which you authorized us to undertake as a part of our MIS 205 Course.

We tried our level best to fulfill the requirement of this project by engaging ourselves seriously and giving our best effort to prepare this report. Working hard for this project make us able to understand the core concepts of “Management Information System” which we think will be very useful in our professional life.

Under this circumstance, we would be greatly happy if you kindly accept the result of our extreme hard work and appreciate us for the future purposes. If you have any enquires after reading the report you are welcome to contact us. Thanking You,

Magruba Hasan Zara0930 560 030---------------------------
Faiaz Ahmed101 0700 030---------------------------
Md. Raihan Hossain101 0135 030---------------------------
Saddam Nasir Chowdhury093 0111 030--------------------------- Anika Fairuz093 0127 030---------------------------
Sonia Parveen Shaon0930 148 030--------------------------- ACKNOLADGEMENT

First, we thank to almighty Allah who has provided us the great opportunity to complete this report successfully. This is our humble attempt to present gratitude in writing this project; we have truly drawn upon our own experience as the student of MIS: 205(Management Information System).

Secondly, we would like to express our gratitude to our MIS 205 faculty instructor Mohammed Rashed Uzzaman (RZZ) for the valuable guidance and support. We really appreciate what he has taught us in the whole semester and we would like to express our heart-felt gratefulness for that. After conducting, our interview that we would needed for almost all aspects of our MIS concept and we will forever grateful to our honorable faculty for that.

Finally, we would like to add few more words saying that, novice prepares this report and naturally, there could be unwilling errors and omissions, which are extremely, belong to us. Hence, we have taken help from different people for preparing our report without their help, completing the report perfectly would not have been possible. Now here is a petite effort to show our deep gratitude to those helpful persons.

Our sincere thanks go to Cornel Md. Shadat Hossain Sikdar, the principal of this school and Major General Chowdhury Hasan Sarwardy bb,psc,ndc who is one of advisor of this school and the teachers of the school for their cooperation and helping us collecting information what we needed to do this project and also to prepare this report.

Last but not the least, we would like to thank all our group members and others whose names are not mentioned here, but directly or indirectly offered suggestions and guidelines to the completion of our work. We warmly thank them for their kind contribution. Table Of contents:

Serial| Description| Page No|
01| Executive Summery| 8|
02| Introduction| 9|
03| Origin of Reports| 10|
04| Purpose of Reports| 11|
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