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Mirror Image

By essayMcham Feb 24, 2013 1083 Words
Mirror Image
Do you watch reality television? Did you know it impacts our daily lives as well? Most young girls, if not all young girls, grew up watching cartoons every Saturday morning. Weather it be “Power-puff Girls or good old classic “Dora the Explorer”, young girls have always watched cartoons and has influenced how they acted while they are growing up to adolescence. They wanted to be like the cartoon characters, and would imitate how those characters would act with their friends. The same concept goes for Reality Television and young teen women and adults. Reality television has played a big role in how young women are influenced on their daily lives in a positive and negative way. Reality television has become increasingly popular for young teen women and young adult women on how they are influenced today, and have created many risks from watching RTV that can be solved with a couple easy solutions. One premiere series Americas Next Top Model is one of many popular reality television shows that are popular amongst young adult women. Americas Next Top Model is a series in which a selected number a women compete against each other to earn an opportunity to work in the modeling industry. The young women that watch this series may watch it out of pure entertainment, as do any other young women do, but do not know that when they watch this television that they are being influenced on how they live their daily lives. The more often young women watch this show crown some of the sexist women alive, the more they become discontent and self conscience with their own bodies and are prone to unhealthy ways of living in order to get that perfect body. And these young women are being influenced in a negative way on how they should look, act, and live their lives. The content of too much reality television is value rotting and depression inducing. The reason it can cause depression is because watching the these models, women compare their bodies with the models with the so called perfect bodies and try to work for that perfect body with bad eating, and workout habits and do not see results they want and become discontent with their bodies they have and become depressed overtime. Reality television influences people on a number on different reason, self-appearance, sexual orientation, and social life. The more a person is enthused to watch a program, more often than not, is going to be most influenced and can have a huge risk on a person’s personal health. When people watch a reality television show such as, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, those people see only the highlights with the most drama and how their lives are like a roller coaster ride with the highs and lows. As viewers continue to watch each episode, they keep seeing a continuous pattern of drama, and these people think that their lives should be as the stars on, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and have the highs and lows, and will make their live as though they are full of drama when in fact there is none. They just think their lives should have a rollercoaster ride because the Kardashians do every episode. It is a no wonder of why young teen women and adults are influenced by reality television and other forms of media. According to a research report by The Newspaper Association of America Foundation, young people spend about seven and half hours consuming media, which is just as much as their parents work each day. After processing all that information, the opinions of young females are persuaded by the reality television shows on social level, appearance, and sexual orientation. So when a young lady watches a television series such as, Americas Next Top Model, and she see the judges scrutinize a female contestants body that they are fat and overweight, that young viewer will look at herself and be her own judge and scrutinize themselves because they do not have the perfect body of a model. Instead of be happy with the body they were born with, some young women do not understand that genetics has a major role on why those super models have the bodies do and their diets, and workouts just enhance their physiques. A main the cause of why young women are so obsessed with reality television stars, such as the ones on Americas Next Top Model and Keeping Up With The Kardashians is the parents. They are the ones that allow their young daughters to be brainwashed by such garbage. There are many solutions for young women to not be influenced by reality television shows and the most obvious one is for parents to not let them watch it period. They allow them to the privilege to watch television so they can take that privilege away. If their daughter cannot watch America Next Top Model then they cannot be influenced by that which well then result to no depression and self-consciousness about how their bodies compare to the reality television stars on Americas Next Top Model or Keeping Up With The Kardashians. This will also cause these young women not to be depressed because they are not worried about their bodies. Parents could also educate themselves about reality television and how it influences their own children on their daily lives so they can then educate them about the negative affects reality television has. While they are watching Americas Next Top Model, they can talk about certain scenes and how they could be affected by the negative pictures it portrays in the show, and how they can tell when they are being influence so they know when to ignore the junk of the program. Reality television has drastically increased in popularity among young adults, especially young women; they watch these shows to fantasize how they would want their lives to be like. Reality television influences these young women in negative ways, physical appearance being the greatest influence. Young women see these television stars and their amazing bodies and they want to be like them and achieve a perfect body. This is very risky because it can cause bad eating disorders and also cause depression. But these risks can easily be avoided by simply not watching these reality television series, and their parents limiting them to what they can and cannot watch. It is not about what is on the outside, but what lays within.

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