Topics: Poetry, Old age, Gerontology Pages: 3 (1230 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Analysis of “Mirror”
In her poem “Mirror”, Sylvia Plath takes us into the thoughts of a woman from an interesting perspective. We always view ourselves truthfully in the mirror and face the outside world in nothing but lies. Through the speaker of mirror, it tells us that woman’s beautiful appearance will not stay for a long time. In the poem “Mirror”, Plath uses various poetic techniques that effectively shapes its meaning and creates a mood for the poem. One of the features in this poem is that it effectively employs the technique of personification which gives significance to the poem and reflects the poet’s life as well as discussing the themes. In addition, it uses imaginative language that also helps to create the mood. By employing these techniques, Plath successfully indicates the theme that seeking self-worth through temporary attributes, such as physical beauty and youth, does not lead to satisfaction.

Plath use personification creatively and effectively in this poem. By employing this technique, the poem seems more intriguing and original. Plath gives the mirror life as human beings. As a result, the mirror can have its own thoughts to what it has seen. In addition, it is so effectively in communicating the circumstances because it enables the author to reflect the mood precisely and simply. As a mirror, it does not have any emotion and, of course, cannot depict the events with prejudice. As a result, readers are able to get a true description without any bias. A mirror will only shows what it actually sees, which opposites to the candle and the moon that their lights will make everything look more beautiful than it actually is. Using personification, Plath presents her ideas and emotions in an interesting and special way.

The first stanza in this poem is the “definition” of a mirror. A mirror, which is silver and smooth as other mirror, stands at the corner and reflects everything without any preconceptions. The mirror symbolizes truth....
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