Miranda's Sandwich House: A Case Study

Topics: Restaurant, Suburb, Lunch Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Miranda’s Sandwich House

Miranda’s Sandwich House was founded in the spring of 1990. The owner, 36 year old Miranda Salvati loved cooking and found a lot of satisfaction making innovative and delicious meals for her family before going into business. Miranda’s parents immigrated to Canada from Italy when she was eight years old to join other family members who had settled in Toronto five years earlier. Although she had been an interior designer by profession, she had left her career 10 years previously in order to raise her children.

Her concept of food was simple; creating tasty and nutritious meals containing 100% natural ingredients only. In the age where healthy eating is the rage, Miranda found a niche market by opening restaurants in busy metropolitan office buildings. Her clientele were young health-conscious individuals who wanted to grab a quick, economical low-fat lunch. Her specialty was sandwiches, and by 1993 she had opened three restaurants in the Toronto area.

All the restaurants were family run, with her younger brother and a cousin managing the second and third stores. Miranda spent most of her time in the flagship restaurant, but had a very active role in running the entire operation of the chain of eateries. Her restaurants were run with the main objectives of cleanliness and quality instilled in her people. She demanded the utmost from her 12 employees, and expected them to take a personal stake in the restaurant’s success. She achieved this by giving an annual bonus to her employees based on the year-end revenues of the restaurant. By the end of 1993, each restaurant had grossed over $150,000 in sales. She paid her employees generously for their loyalty, and even offered a company subsidized fitness program in keeping with the “healthy” philosophy and image of Miranda’s Sandwich House.

Miranda was looking to expand into the suburban areas of the city, where she thought to locate in busy shopping plazas to get weekend...
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