Miranda Warning: Origin, Application, and Relevance

Topics: Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, Miranda v. Arizona, Self-incrimination Pages: 3 (268 words) Published: September 17, 2014

Arnold Taci, Debra Souza, Jamara White, Darlene Williams, Tammy Tobe Instructor: Thomas Else
Week 5 Teamwork

Miranda Warning
As a team we collaborated by discussing and explaining law enforcement procedures beginning with initial contact with a suspect through an arrest, the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incriminating and the origin and application of Miranda warnings. So many people in this teamwork assignment had very good posts. Such as one post that was submitted by Jamara White, she describe the voluntariness test of self-incrimination like “According to the voluntariness test of self-incrimination, confessions and other incriminating statements violate due process if the totality of circumstances surrounding the statements shows that suspects didn’t confess voluntarily”. Another good post was by Darlene Williams where she identified 5 circumstances that determine custody, another good post was by myself where I stated two arguments in favor of videotaping confessions and one argument against, the other team member who really contributed with her post and it was really great was Debra Souza, I really liked her explanation on the bright-line rule regarding warnings to suspects that was established in Miranda v Arizona. Another great post was by Tammy Tube, she was very clear with her post and it was really interesting. In conclusion, as I was reading through everyone’s posts I think everyone did a great job describing what they were asked to do in the questions, everyone knew what they were talking about and everyone thinks that the Miranda Warning is still relevant to this day.

Samaha, Joel. (2012). Criminal Procedure, 8th, Ed. Boston, MA: Cengage.

References: Samaha, Joel. (2012). Criminal Procedure, 8th, Ed. Boston, MA: Cengage.
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