Miranda vs Arizona Paper

Topics: Supreme Court of the United States, Miranda v. Arizona, Police Pages: 3 (1025 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Miranda v. State of Arizona; Westover v. United States; Vignera v. State of New York; State of California v. Stewart

There were four different cases that were addressed by the Supreme Court’s decision in Miranda v. Arizona. These cases involve custodial interrogations and in each of these cases, the defendant was cut off from the outside world while they were being interrogated in a room by the police officers, detectives, as well as prosecuting attorneys. In the four cases, not even one of the defendants was given a full and effective warning of his rights during the interrogation process. Furthermore, the questioning done in all the cases elicited oral admissions and, in three of them, signed statements that were admitted at trial. Miranda vs. Arizona (Facts):

While sleeping at his home, Miranda was arrested and taken into custody to a police station. The complaining witness identified him in a lineup and he was interrogated by two police officers. The interrogation lasted for hours which finally resulted to Miranda’s signing of a written confession. At trial, the oral and written confessions were presented to the jury and subsequently Miranda was found guilty of kidnapping and rape. He was sentenced to 20-30 years imprisonment on each count. He appealed to the Supreme Court of Arizona which held that Miranda’s constitutional rights were not violated in the course of obtaining the confession.

Vignera v. New York (Facts):
Vignera was taken into custody by NY police in connection with the robbery of a dress shop. The robbery occurred three days prior. He was interrogation in the Detective Squad headquarters where he orally admitted to the robbery and was placed under formal arrest. He was also questioned by the district attorney in the presence of a hearing reporter who wrote the questions as well as the answers provided by Vignera. The oral confession and the transcript were presented to the jury and Vignera was found guilty of first degree robbery...
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