Miracles of Life Reaction Paper

Topics: Reproductive system, Reproduction, Miracle Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: July 17, 2013
Remarkably beautiful, the “Miracles of Life” records human conception and much more. Living and functioning reproductive systems are shown in the video, and there is so much to explore and absorb. I followed the short journey of millions of sperm as they develop and strive mightily to reach the egg. And I noticed that there isn't a guy in the room who can watch footage without squirming! Likewise, magnification of up to half a million times the actual size allowed me to see the egg from its development in an ovary, through the delicate fallopian tube for fertilization, and on to the uterus for growth and eventual birth.

I have never thought about what an absolute miracle my life is. I can’t imagine how I came to be. Out of thousands of eggs and millions of sperm, one egg and one sperm united to produce me. Had the union of sperm and egg come a day or even a month earlier or later, I might have been very different, maybe the opposite sex or with blonde hair or longer legs. The exact person that I am, born to my parents, on the date and time I was born, with the DNA structure I have has about a 1:400,000,000,000 (one in 400 billion) chance of existing. If I don’t call that miraculous, then I don’t know what that is! The film has shown me something profoundly beautiful and yet has left its fundamental mystery intact. The “Miracles of Life” is exceptional and it is a documentary that can also be considered as art.
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