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In a story, miracles can happen. (pg. 236 Lives of the Dead) A miracle is defined as an event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin or the act of God. Miracles can happen is a phrase that we hear often, someone is always waiting for a miracle to happen or praying for a miracle. These unexplained events often restore faith in people whose lives are upside down. When I think of miracles I think of someone being sick and only bad things happening and people waiting for something amazing to happen.

There are four different types of miracles a mini miracle which is like getting a front row spot at the store. The lucky miracle is when someone makes a store and succeeds where others have failed. The live changing miracle is like a divorce or and illness where you can reconsider your options this usually comes from a crisis. Lastly is the unexplainable miracle which usually happens in the church and there is no way to tell why or how it happened.

Even though miracles can happen every day in real life, authors bring them to a whole new level with many different feelings and events. An author can pick anything and turn it into an amazing miracle, whether it is a lost dog coming home or someone recovering from a tragic accident. To keep the audience entertained the author might add a situation to a story to make the audience cheer for a miracle to make the ending happy. The earliest miracles that most people are familiar with are the miracles that Jesus performed in the streets. Everyone can interpret miracles in their own way. What is a miracle to someone could not be one to someone else.

When writing Tim can bring Linda alive in his stories, this is a miracle to him since he loved her so much when they were young. All he wanted was to be with her forever, but her life was cut way to short. It is a miracle that he can see her and that she can be alive and well in all of his stories. This...
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