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From a perspective of a soon to be teacher such as yours truly, I can say that the movie entitled “Miracle Worker”  serves as a memento that there are things we believed to be impossible, but became possible because we exerted sufficient perseverance into it. I salute the passion and commitment of Annie Sullivan to tutor a deaf, mute and blind child in the person of Helen Keller. Annie Sullivan is just one out of many teachers out there who have given their life to become catalyst for well –rounded development of the differently able children. In relation to the subject EDUC. 1 Child and Adolescent Development, I can say that the movie is quite appropriate to be viewed by students who were enrolled in Teachers Certificate Curriculum for Non Education Professionals (TCCNEP) because the movie provided us the unique and effective teaching strategies that are well designed to provide special education to those children with multiple sensory impairments. As soon to be teacher, I should be equipped with competence and be prepared for possibilities that I soon to be encountered as I practice my teaching profession later.

I can still remember that during those moments before I viewed the movie, I really asked myself if it is still possible for a person to learn if he/she has multiple sensory impairments such as the defects of the sight, hearing and speaking. Hence, after I viewed the movie, I definitely realized that even if the senses were impaired and not the mind, there would still be a possibility to learn the same way like those with normal sensory functioning if there is a collaborative support from the community, home and school which nowadays proposed by DepEd through the School Improvement Plan (SIP). I realized through the movie, that children with multiple sensory impairments just ultimately need to have a language in a most unique way in order to learn since according to Annie Sullivan, “language is more...
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