Miracle of the Quran

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Three aspects of various languages & Particularity of the Arabic There are various concepts of learned philologists, circulating among whole the world about the basic language of human being. It is appreciating that nearly every philologist has collected very important information in the field of philology. All these information only provide us with details of various languages, spoken by the human beings and their concern with each other. In this regard the names of Oto Jespersen, J.Venduryes and many other philologists are highly considerable. No doubt, these learned philologists has worked with full sincerity and pointed out many important aspects of the philology. But question of the basic, natural & spoken language of whole the human being was still un-solved. Attention please, in this research, I am going to explain and prove the Arabic as the basic, natural and spoken language of whole the human beings, according to the Quranic education, because this fact was firstly declared out by the Holy Quran about fourteen hundred years ago. This fact has been stated by the Holy Quran in the various Quranic verses. An example from those Quranic verses is being quoted hereunder in the Arabic writing and its pronunciation in the English and also with its translation into English.

(Chapter No # 43, Verse # 3)
“Pronunciation in the Roman characters:
“There is no doubt in it, that we have made this Quran in the form of Arabic language (in the spoken form of human language), So that you may able to understand it like the wise persons.” Before explaining the spoken language, we shall first analyze the three basic aspects of the languages, using by the human beings. These three aspects are given as under:- 1. The Writing Aspect:

Various languages are written in different alphabetical system except of those languages which have nearly equal alphabetical system of...
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