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Chair: Tom Oliver.
Secretary: Will Christensen.
Dept. Chair: Philine Lichtenberg.
Dept. Secretary: Xanthe Drinkall-Gash.

1. Present / Apologies:

Present: name, name, name, name, etc.
Apologies: name, name, name, name, etc.
Absent: name, name, etc.

2. Agenda Items:

Internet timings.
Costa timings.
Blood donations.
School uniform.
Water dispensers.

3. Action Taken (From Previous Meeting:)

Bed times – Chair went to HMs meeting. Bed times moved from 9:30-10:30pm for Removes. Astroturf usage – Dept. Chair went to Mr George (Director of Sport ATO October 2014,) SLT and Sports Centre. Astroturf now opens from 9:30-10:00pm on Wednesday for all pupils (excl. Lower School.)

4. Business:

a. Internet timings – here we will write what has been said by Senate and the action to be taken in the following week by who. b. Costa timings –

NEXT MEETING: whenever next meeting is.
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