Mintzbergs Managerial Roles

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Henry Mintzberg is known worldwide for his theories on business and management. One of his most popular theories is his roles for managers. These roles define behaviors and traits that certain managers possess. He identified ten different roles, separated into three categories. The categories he defined are interpersonal roles, information processing roles, and decision roles (“ProvenModels - Ten Managerial Roles”).

The first set of roles Mintzberg described is interpersonal roles. The first interpersonal role is a figurehead. A figurehead is a symbol of his company and performs social, inspirational, and ceremonial duties. The next role is a leader. A leader is one of the most important roles for managers. Leaders provide a proper work atmosphere and are able to motivate employees. The final interpersonal role is a liaison. A liaison is the center for information and communication networks, and maintains external contacts to gather information (“Mintzberg: The Managerial Roles”).

The next set of roles is called information processing roles. The first information processing role is a monitor. A monitor gathers external as well as internal information relevant to the organization. A disseminator brings external views to the workplace and transmits factual and value based information to subordinates. The final information processing role is a spokesperson. A spokesperson informs and lobbies for the company. He provides key stakeholders informed about performance.

The final set of roles is decision roles. Included is the entrepreneur role. This is someone who designs and initiates change in an organization. There is the disturbance handler, who deals with unexpected disturbances to the organization. Next is the resource allocator, who keeps track of resources and authorizes there use. The final role Mintzberg described is a negotiator. A negotiator participates in negotiations with people and outside organizations (“ProvenModels - Ten Managerial Roles”)....
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