Minority: United States and Minorities

Topics: United States, Sociology, Affirmative action Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: May 14, 2013
What do members of minority groups gain and lose as they undergo a process of assimilation the process by which minorities gradually adopt patterns of the dominant culture. As a minority you gain and lose it can be positive or negative. Every culture is different as we all know as a minority you have to adapt to the norms. As a minority you gain certain things such as learning a new language although it might be very difficult, given the right for a better education, being independence the right to do what you please. You might lose traditional food traditional behaviors, leaving family behind. However its normal. I experience most of these situation when I came here in a America as minority is was very difficult and a big change because as I aged I noticed and felt unwanted by majority of people living here you can tell by the negative stereotypes and discrimination But these situation happened around the world. When I came here I gained a self of independence going to school, working buying and things I desire to have, and going anywhere I felt like going. In contrast. living in my country as woman I didn’t really have much independence although I was young I understand, but most woman went to school but usually they stay home they don’t work the man pays the bills buys everything needed for the house. I left my family behind but I also have family here and were all doing things to better our self in the future by going to school and become whoever we want to be that’s the beauty of America. According to Macionis “ Minorities have two important characteristics. First, society imposes on them a distinctive identity, which may be based on physical or cultural traits. Second, minorities experience subordination. As this chapter shows, U.S. minorities typically have lower income, lower occupational prestige, and limited schooling. Class, race and ethnicity, as well as gender, are overlapping and reinforcing dimensions of social stratification....
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