Minority Report

Topics: Minority Report, English-language films, Murder Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: April 8, 2007
The time is set at 2054, and the murder rate in Washington DC has gone down to zero, thanks to the large technological advancements in Precrime. Precrime makes use of 3 gifted future-tellers, who predict murders before they take place. Precrime uses this information to catch the murderers beforehand and prevent the murders from happening. The Department Chief John Anderton believes the system is faultless, until one day it turns against him, saying that he will kill a man he has never met before. Anderton is caught by surprise, and flees for his life from his former colleagues. He visits Iris Hineman, one of the pioneers of Precrime, from whom he discovers the minority report, a fault in the system where the predicted murderers could have alternate futures. Keen to prove his innocence, Anderton immediately sets back to the department of pre-crime, forced to travel through the dark side of Washington DC and ally with criminals. Anderton kidnaps one of the future-tellers Agatha and asks for his minority report, and is disappointed when he hears there is none. His journey with Agatha leads him to the crime scene, and in solving his own mystery, Anderton eventually uncovers a secret long hidden in the depths of Precrime.

Minority Report is a good movie, exciting, thrilling, and mysterious at the same time. Its direction towards humanity and moral values is thought provoking, providing depth to the storyline, not letting us be distracted from the motive of the story by the amazing stunts, thrilling actions sequences, and special effects. Speilburg really puts his directing techniques into action, providing the correct lighting and sounds at the right times, shown in part of Anderton's escape when he is cornered by his colleagues into a narrow alley. Anderton overcomes the Precrime through incredible stunts, creating a commotion of flying jetpacks and outsmarted Precrime workers. The competent acting performed by the main cast makes the movie all the more realistic...
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