Minoan Pottery: Information about the Minoan Civilization

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Minoan Pottery
Minoan Pottery took a great part in gaining information about the Minoan Civilization. Archaeologists were able to find dates of certain events or eras, types of Minoan culture, and the different stages of Minoan civilization was found. Minoan pottery comes in many different forms and sizes along with patterns and style.

It has been discovered that Minoan pottery making started in the Neolithic times. (Neolithic meaning the "New" stone age. It was the time close to the Bronze Age). Pots were created for many reasons. The main reason was to store many things such as food, clothing, etc. Food such as cereal crops were kept in pots, clearly to keep for future needs. Pots were also used frequently for trade along the coastal Syria and in Egypt.

There is a hypothesis that people of the Minoan Civilization accidentally found out how to fire clay materials. The discovery could have been made by accidentally burning/firing a clay lined basket which later would have turned hard or even become refired. This could have made varieties of cooking methods for the civilization. Later on, pottery turned into an art form from the increase of decorations and style of making. An early excavator, Harriet Boyd Hawes believes that Minoan potter's inspiration came from 1.Nature- nature was appreciated and was subjected majorly. Figures in the decorations of potteries could possibly be different types of symbols that represented many things. For example, ‘the line left on the sand be receding waves, the ripple on water as the wind crossed it, the mysterious inner markings of a shell, the thousand varieties of spirals in shells and in tendrils, the shadow cast on his(pottery maker) path be interlocking twigs….' (Said by Harriet Boyd Hawes). 2.Sea/marine life- marine life was much subjected in Minoan potteries. Sea creatures such as squid and fish along with vegetation such as seaweed were used a lot for decoration.

It has been proved that there were different...
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