Miniver Cheevy

Topics: Rhyme, Sadness, Seasonal affective disorder Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: October 11, 2011
1102 Explication Essay Miniver Cheevy

In Robinson’s poem, Miniver Cheevy is a depressed dreamer who blames everyone for his low social status. Miniver Cheevy is full of self-pity. He feels as if his life would be fulfilled if only he had been born in the days of the old. Miniver weeps that he was born in in this time. I believe it may of started out as innocent day dreaming, but became an excuse for his life not turning out as planned induced by alcohol and depression. Miniver will not live in the reality of present time. He spends his days hopelessly dreaming of “The Thebes and Camelot.” Although, he is a failure he will not take control of his own fate and blame himself. The fact that he was not born in the old days is what he dwells on and blames for his outcome. He escapes reality with these pitiful dreams that can never come true. Miniver feels as if getting lost in a drunken fantasy is better than taking control of his life in reality. The A-B-A-B rhyme scheme of Miniver Cheevy gives the poem a very masculine tone. The rhythm keeps the reader interested, and keeps the reader guessing the next line. Robinson was very descriptive of Miniver’s fantasy, but managed to keep the rhyming constant throughout the whole poem. I can’t help but to feel sorry for Miniver, but I also feel as if he should grow up and take responsibility for his life. Miniver is very much in love with the old days of knights. I believe that is an easy excuse for an alcoholic who will not take charge of his own life. Robinson compares Miniver’s life to what he wants it to be in every section. While he is disgusted with how he is now, then it compares how he thinks it would be in the old days, and everything is perfect. The tone seams to go back and forth between happy and sad. He was very distant from reality how he stated “Miniver loved the Medici”, but Miniver had never even seen one. Miniver wishes he could wear a suit of armor I can tell from the poem...
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