Mining Excellance at Redmond

Topics: Human resource management, Employment, Recruitment Pages: 3 (763 words) Published: August 31, 2011
Mining Excellence at Redmond Minerals
Cynthia Bolden
Strayer University
HRM 500 003016*2011031
January 24, 2011

When Redmond Mineral moved away from a strategy emphasizing low costs and low prices and adopted a strategy based on unique products, how did its HRM practices need to change to support the new strategy? The company will need to use what is called a differentiation strategy. According to Porter(2004), A differentiation strategy calls for the development of a product or service that offers unique attributes that are valued by customers and that customers perceive to be better than or different from the products of the competition. The value added by the uniqueness of the product may allow the company to charge a premium price for it. The company hopes that the higher price will more than cover the extra cost incurred in offering the unique product. Because of the product’s unique attributes, if suppliers increase their prices the company may be able to pass along the cost to its customers who can’t find substitute products easily. Companies that succeed in a differentiation strategy often have the following internal strengths: * Access to leading scientific research.

* Highly skilled and creative product development team.
* Strong sales team with the ability to successfully communicate the perceived strengths of the product * Corporate reputation for quality and innovation.
Suppose Redmond Minerals has decided to hire an HR Specialist, and you are tapped for the job. Imagine that Rhett Roberts is particularly interested in how the Internet can improve the way Redmond does HRM. Identify three ideas that you would suggest?  The three ideals that I would suggest on how the Internet can improve the way Redmond does HRM is Recruitment, training, and workforce planning. Recruitment and training is probably the area of a business that is most associated with human resources – recruitment. Nearly every business in the...
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