Minimum Wages

Topics: Minimum wage, Wage, Employment Pages: 3 (1024 words) Published: October 5, 2012
Minimum wage across the United States is low. I am not sure how they come up with these hourly wages but these minimum wages are not nothing anyone can live a normal life making. In the place where I live minimum wages is $7.25 per hour which is the state of Missouri. Our neighbor state of Kansas which is where I am from is the same low pay of $7.25 per hour. Washington has the highest rate I can tell of $9.04 per hour with Vermont in second with $8.46 per hour. $9.04 per hour is a lot better to live off of than $7.25. My guess would be the cost of living in your state would most likely determine the minimum wage. The minimum wages in some of these other states are just incredibly low like Georgia and Wyoming with $5.15 per hour. Now that just answer my earlier question because I know the cost of living in Georgia is high so $5.15 per hour will not make it in Georgia. I did notice Missouri is trying to fight for a raise in the minimum wages. The law leaders here understand that this is not enough for one person to survive let alone a whole family. (All wage numbers are from 2009-2011 and Marathon Studios Enterprises).

I have to say that the minimum wages in Kansas and Missouri are way too low. Again I can not stress the number of people I see with families and single parent households with little or no education who have to get entry level jobs to support a family. $7.25 an hour by 40 hours a week is only $290.00 before taxes per week. Now if you think someone can live off of that is beyond me. A single person with no family can not live off of that. Maybe a high school kid with his first job will be happy to have that per hour but a grown person with kids can not. This is why more of our citizens need to speak up on issues such as these because the law leaders will not know what is going on without the publics help. “Minimum-wage laws matter most for the least skilled and least experienced members of the labor force, such as teenagers”...
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