Minimum Wage and Dedication

Topics: Minimum wage, Dedication Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Dedication is the word anyone uses involving a pursuit of a goal. Sacrifice, hard work, and a little luck needs to accompany it. What does dedication exactly mean to anyone? A man may have a dedication to a dream that alienates everyone around him. For a parent, it could be dedication to his family. A woman may dedicate herself to a faulty dream. .

Now I start with myself for an example. I have always loved making people laugh. Now I am trying to do it on a grander scale. I am not content to being the funny guy at a party. The stage is now where I work my craft. Now I spend my down time driving from place to place, spending more time on the road by myself, causing an incredible amount of isolation from my friends and family. The travel isn’t the only downside. I miss events, going out with friends, and enjoying things that aren’t comedy related. Granted I just started this venture, but the effects are already noticed. 10 years ago, I was coming home from a friend’s house. It was roughly 7 am. I had spent the night drinking in Canada and still had the smell of stale smoke, cheap perfume, and booze about me. The sun was exceptionally sharp that May morning. As I finally approach my drive way, I noticed that the minivan was parked crooked. Now I know my father had been working construction and night at the plant recently. But when I saw him asleep in the back seat, I just let him sleep. By the time I had awaken to go to my minimum wage job; he had left. That image didn’t sink in until I was older. Now I appreciate what he was doing for his family and him even more.

My sister shares an equal level of dedication. Not to her work but in her desire to start a family. This, of course, is not a bad thing. The problem is her inability to venture out and meet new people. She is withdrawn and makes no attempt to exit her comfort zone. She doesn’t want a risk. She wants a sure bet. Perhaps she has read too much Nicholas Sparks, but whatever her reasoning...
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