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Minimum of Two Essay Relationships

By AxedLoL Apr 10, 2013 936 Words
Minimum of two presents unresolvable relationships throughout these continuous characterised short stories. Tim Winton use’s strong characterised relationships that each separated the meaning between love and hatred. These characters where put situated in many different life time situations that caused emotional pain between many and very few resolved it.

Minimum of Two explores the emotional relationship between husband and wife, a distant love that wasn’t connecting through their beating hearts. They were distant from each other, unable to express their inner feelings and caused a traumatic sexual confrontation by Madigan. A once strong bond turned into a distorted wife that was unable to look at her husband through the disturbing imagery that would haunt her dying loving for him. Their lives were separated into different directions, Greta was put through emotional pain that was unresolvable and Madigan, who is contained in his/ own personal needs that everyone husband needs. Madigan’s unrevealing personal needs were controlling the inner core of Greta’s life; she was heartbroken and put through distress. Greta is forced to be embellished with emotional pain that couldn’t be resolved. Madigan’s pain is dealt with through the short term by planning revenge that would keep him mind off the sexual embellishment that caused his marriage to disintegrate. His revenge countered the purpose; his undermining behaviour causes him to run over two individuals. “He was a dead man” The water was dark explores the emotional pain between mother and daughter, the demanding demeanour of an alcoholic mother causes her daughter’s life to perish into the darkness of the water that went on forever. The regressive relationship causes a barrier in which her daughter perceives upon her mother. The mother’s aggressive attitude and putrid manner for nutritional health, relegates what her daughter’s inner feelings towards her meaning for swimming. Swimming could be that entrapment of her being able to get away from her psychotic mother and be flourished in the deeps of the ocean. She is able to become immune in her own world and block these memories that surround her thoughts, through emotional enchantment she swims down into the deep that feels enticed to never end, it was a bottomless deep where all her thoughts and memories about her mother disappear and she is alone, alone from the unethical disease in her life. The mother’s continuous alcoholic attitude devours upon her daughter’s life, she couldn’t stand the conflict between her mother and swimming collected all her thoughts about her mother issues and put them into a heartless box, hidden away in her mind where it would be stored until she swam back into society. Distant Lands explores the emotional pain between two bound individuals that were surrounded by a complicated relationship that was one has at first glance, a love that wasn’t resolved because of an illusion that was surrounding ‘Fat Maz’s’ bottomless imagination . It wasn’t a defined relationship but there meanings and messages were strong. It causes the women to blatantly undermine her father’s rules within the newsagency and caused an espresso natured man to come in every afternoon where he would read this dramatically unbound story called Distant Lands. Her imagination carried out throughout this emotionally unkempt anthology, she was shy, unable to physically explain her feelings within herself about this man. His unnatural behaviour and ravishing image causes ‘Fat Maz’ to become enticed by his attraction but did he feel the same way? Their relationship was tired up through small conversations and continuous eye contact but nothing more. There was a meaning why he would come in every morning to read distant lands but she couldn’t trace it back to the same word that was surround her head, why? She wasn’t able to challenge the feelings she had towards him, it was a complicated and strange relationship that was never resolved but it gave the daughter a sense of love. Blood and water explores an undefined relationship that is resolved through passionate love and affection between both husband and wife. Rachel is emotionally and physically drained during her pregnancy. Jerra is physically calming Rachel down by comforting her during this time of distress and heartache that is causing a relationship to form into one connecting bond. It was an unbreakable bond that was consisting in Jerra’s and Rachel’s relationship. Jerra was there every minute of every second. He was keeping his wife at a calming state where she would stay during her passive contractions. Life was about to be produced into this world, It was an intense feeling of deep affection that created this child into their incomparable lives. An incomparable relationship that began to have meaning, they had different ambitions in their lives that were tearing them apart from each other but Blood and water brings them together again, they both entice each other with their inner emotional feelings. In Minimum of two, Tim Winton explores the emotional pain between many throughout his anthology. Very few were unable to resolve it because of their undermining behaviour that caused relationships to separate into different directions, many were emotionally unable to resolve their issues. Minimum of two, explores an emotional relationship between husband and wife that was unable to be resolved because of distortion between each other, the wife was physically and metal unable to feel those feelings her husband was trying to physically explain to her but not every story in Winton’s anthology explores emotional pain that wasn’t resolved. Blood and Water brought the incomparable relationship between Jerra and Rachel together. Rachel was emotionally and physical in pain but Jerra was there every second she needed someone, a comfort, a husband. Daniel O’Connor

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