Minimal Intervention Dentistry

Topics: Dental caries, Tooth enamel, Streptococcus mutans Pages: 3 (404 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Minimal intervention is a new concept for the restorative dentistry that integrates prevention, remineralization and minimal invasion for the placement and replacement of restorations.


• The original approach to the treatment of caries developed by G.V. Black (1899) was purely surgical. • He thought that the only effective method of eliminating the disease was to completely remove all of the demineralized areas to tooth structure and rebuild it with an inert restoration.

A number of problems arise from this approach:

• First, it fails to recognize that cavitation is essentially a symptom of a bacterial disease. • Second, it denies the ability of the. tooth structure to remineralize and heal.


- Control the disease through reduction of cariogenic flora. - Remineralize early lesions.
- Perform minimal intervention surgical procedures as required (ART, Air abrasion). - Repair rather than replace.


- Laser fluorescence (Diagnodent)
- Ultraviolet-induced fluorescence
- Caries detecting dyes
- xeroradiography


It is possible to arrest and even reverse the mineral loss associated with the caries at an early stage, before cavitation takes place. Enamel and dentin demineralization is not a continuous, irreversible process. Though a series of demineralization and re-mineralization cycles, the tooth alternatively loses and gains calcium and phosphate ions, depending on the microenvironment.


• Air abrasion
• Lasers
• Chemo mechanical Cavity preparation
• Sonic oscillating system
• Tunnel restorations


• A significant correlation between the prevalence of Streptococci mutans in saliva increment of new caries lesions was obtained. • Lactobacilli along with Streptococci mutans are also related to root surface caries. • Using 0.2% chlorhexidene as a water-based gel or an...

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