Miniloc Island: A Look At El Nido

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El Nido has a total land area of 465.1 square kilometers or 179.6 sq mi in the northernmost part of Palawan, located in Bacuit Bay. The borders in the north is the Linapacan Strait, in the east is the Sulu Sea, while the South China Sea in the west. There are 45 islands and islets around El Nido, with different land formations. Cadlao Island is the highest peak above the sea level with a height up to 640 meters (2,100 ft). El Nido becomes popular because of island tours. The island is really a good place to do different outdoor activities. For those who like ocean and nature, there are more activities to do like freediving, sailing, island hopping, kayaking, mountain biking, zipline, kitesurfing, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving,...

If you thought that the Secret Beach of Matinloc Island was the only concealed beach in El Nido, you are in for a surprise as there is another hidden beach that you need to go to and explore with. Miniloc Island has a secret lagoon beach that remains hidden through cliffs and coconut trees that spread like arms inviting tourists to come and appreciate its natural beauty. Once you are near the visible beach, boatmen usually will inform you that it is not yet the secret lagoon beach, hence the word. After docking, your attention will be drawn to a little opening in one of the cliffs on the left. It should be a very huge wall with a tiny hole. The hole should be the entrance to the Secret Lagoon, it is also known as the Hidden Lagoon of Miniloc Island. It may have seems that the Secret Lagoon was the beach behind the huge rocks to the right, but there’s another world behind the rocks on the other side. It is so hidden that you need to enter the hole and twist your body to get to the other side. This time, the opening is above water so you don’t have to swim through it. Crawling will be a more appropriate description of how you can get to the Secret Lagoon. Note also that the water leading to the lagoon is shallow so you need to be extra careful with the rocks and corals. The secret lagoon is much smaller than the Secret Beach. The temperature inside is much cooler though, because it is constantly in the shadows of the limestone cliffs...

You can find colorful fish with different species. It is a secluded beach where you can relax and enjoy your encounter with nature. The serene and calm blue water invites you to plunge in and swim. It is really fun plunging your body into the clear water as if you do not want to go atop the water. Since it is a secluded beach, you need to bring the things you need like food and drinking water if you prefer to stay for the whole day. Most of the tourists are spending their time snorkeling, swimming and floating atop to them the great blue sky. The beach has clear water and the view is amazing as the straight goes through 2 islands with high jagged cliffs on each side. Going there, you need a boat and an experienced tour guide for you to enjoy your stay there. You may experience rough sailing due to some waves. The formation of the cliff is truly amazing and breathtaking. All you can do here is activities concerning waters and not like the other beaches which have restaurants, bars, outdoor games, etc. Just relax and feel the heat and enjoy the scenic view of the cliffs. For adventurous people, they can try climbing the cliff. But it should be done by someone who really knows how to climb cliffs. The majestic view of the cliff is really inviting for those who wants to try climbing. The white sands invite the tourists to go for sun bathing or walking off the shore. But if you intend to...
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