Minicipality of Odiongan Mapping System

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Mapping system is useful that is why it has been used by different countries for different purposes. Mapping system has theories for its application and uses. The importance of mapping system results to different theories that leads to the improvement and development of the application. Odiongan is located in the Midwestern part of Tablas Island and lies on a 22º 04’ east longitude and 12º 19’ north latitude of the archipelago; it is bounded on the south by the municipalities of Ferrol, Looc and Alcantara; on the east by San Agustin and Sta. Maria; San Andres on the north and Tablas Strait on the west. It is composed of twenty five (25) barangays: 13 Urban and 12 Rural barangays. Poblacion is divided into four (4) barangays, namely Ligaya, Liwanag, Liwayway and Tabing-dagat. Odiongan is predominantly agricultural community in spite of its urbanization in the recent years. The town’s first named “Inodiongan” came from the Panay dialect “Odiong” which means a “big arrow”, later it became Odiongan. The Odiongan’s dialect derived from the Panay’s dialect which known as “Asi”. The place was to become the center of commerce and trade by businessmen plying Lucena, Bicol, Mindoro, Batangas and Panay Island. Some of these businessmen and traders also settled and established families in Odiongan. Thus, Odiongan the premiere town of the province contributed much to the economic upliftment of the province. Based on approved framework plan of the Province of Romblon, Odiongan is proposed to play the educational haven, commercial district and agricultural basket. Banking on this framework, the municipality adhered to this plan without sacrificing the environment and the people. The Municipality of Odiongan is currently using a Road Map which is intended to determine the roads and streets in the Poblacion of Odiongan, wherein the information that can be gathered in it focused mainly on the roads. The development of Mapping System of Poblacion Odiongan, Romblon will help find a specific place or location of different establishment located in Poblacion Odiongan.

Statement of the Problem
This study was conducted to develop Municipality of Odiongan Romblon Mapping System. Specifically the study sought to answer the following questions: 1. What would be the implication of this system to the users? 2. Who would be the beneficiaries of the system?

3. What would be the outcome of the system if implemented?
4. Are there available mapping systems that are specially designed for Odiongan? 5. What would be considered if the system was implemented?

Objectives of the Study
This study aims to develop the Municipality of Odiongan Romblon Mapping System. Specifically, it aims to obtain the following objectives: 1. To determine the implication of the system to the users. 2. To determine who will be the beneficiaries of the system. 3. To know the outcome of the system if implemented.

4. To know if there are existing mapping systems that are specially design for Odiongan. 5. To know considerations when the system is implemented.

Significance of the study
The development of a Municipality of Odiongan Romblon Mapping System will be beneficial for every individual who will need information and view certain places and establishments in the town of Odiongan.

For the residents and students, it will help them to find the different places in the Municipality of Odiongan which are unfamiliar to them. It will guide them to meet their needs or other purposes by having enough information about the town.

For the businessman it will help them to locate the different establishment where they can transact their businesses and can coordinate with other entrepreneur.
To the tourist and visitors it will help them to search a better and comfortable place where they can spend their time to unwind and enjoy.
For the researchers, this study of developing Municipality of Odiongan...

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