Mini Research of SLA

Topics: Linguistics, English language, Second language Pages: 2 (321 words) Published: April 9, 2014
Mini Research of Second Language Acquisition
Here, the object of the study the researchers used is one of English literature student at Airlangga University as first speaker and one of history of science’s student at Airlangga University (not English literature student) as second speaker.

Ungrammatical sentences:

First speaker
Second speaker
1. English is the language most widely used around the world covering various aspects of life 2. As a means of global communication, the English language must be actively controlled both oral and written. 3. English is needed in the job field as more and more local Indonesian companies entering into the world market. 1. English very important for me because English can have many function 2. We need English language because English is very important in working world

Error Analysis:
1. Collection of a sample of learner language:
Both object of study use the English language which have differences in pronunciation of the English language as their second language. 2. Identification of errors:
In this study, both object of the study has some differences and her own way in pronouncing English. This is evidenced by the first speaker who is English literature student in pronouncing English fluently with correct grammar, while the second speaker is less fluent in English pronunciation and have less correct grammar.

3. Description of errors:
At first speaker there was no repetition of words spoken. The first speaker was initially in response to the question a bit long, but at the time he spoke fluently. While the second speaker was repeating the word several times and many have the word "umm" which means she was thinking. The second speaker mastered much vocabulary, but could not set the structure words, in other words, she has a wrong grammar

4. Explanation of errors:
Based on Contrastive Analysis, language acquisition essentially involves habit formation in a process of Stimulus – Response –...
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