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Principals of Marketing
Chapter 5 Page166
1. Choose one of the following companies. What colors does it use predominantly in its logo or packaging? How do these colors affect the perception of its products? Answer: The color which L.L BEAN usespredominantly in its logo and packaging is green. Green symbolizesnature, freshness, health, andlife. It is the most restful and comfortable color.L.L BEAN is an outside door sports brand company. Their targeting customers are the people who love outside sports and prefer to close the nature. Thegreen color logo and packaging can make customerseasily associate to nature, and feel very close to nature so that they can get a closely linked from theirbrand to nature, and easily memorize the brand, and what kind of product they sold.In addition, those people who want or need to purchase outside sports items also easilyrecall L.L BEAN’s brand and products thus facilitate final purchase behavior.

2. Should a global firm like McDonald’s or General Mills change the colors of its logo or packaging depending on the country in which it is marketing? Why or why not? How might this affect consumer attitudes toward the company and its products? Answer:I think a global firm should not change the colors for theirlogos. As a global firm, logo representsits unique enterprise culture and brand.The unified logo is necessary because itnot only protects the brand and prevents counterfeits, but it also helps company build their unified brand image in order to improve the popularity of an enterprise in costumers. As the packaging, I think global firmsshould be in line with local market preference. It can make customer get intimacy from the produces.For example, McDonald’s change its packaging into red color when the LunarNew Year comes in china because red means jubilation for Chinese.

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Of all the forms of non-verbal communication, color is the most instantaneous method of conveying messages and meanings. Before humans learned to appreciate the aesthetics of color, there were far more practical aspects of communications with color. Our very survival depends on the ability to identify necessary objects and/or warnings signs whether they are animal, vegetable or mineral and color is integral part of the identification process. Among other uses, color stimulates and works synergistically with all of the senses, symbolizes abstract concepts and thoughts, expresses fantasy or wish fulfillment, recalls another time or place and produces an aesthetic or emotional response As an example of color's power in marketing (and one we can all relate to) as consumers speed down the market aisles, their eyes rest on a package for approximately .03 seconds. In that blinking-of-an-eyelash timing, the package must rivet the observers' eyes, inform them of the package contents and, more importantly, appeal to their psyches. Ultimately, at global marketing level, a company trying to speak with one voice is faced with many challenges when creating a worldwide marketing plan. Unless a company holds the same position against its competition in all markets (market leader, low cost, etc.), it is impossible to launch identical marketing plans worldwide. When branding and packaging for international products, careful consideration must be placed on factors such as language, colors, customs, aesthetics and placement. Colors also have different meanings in different cultures. For example, in Egypt, the country's national color of green is considered unacceptable for packaging, because religious leaders once wore it. In Japan, black and white are colors of mourning and should not be used on a product's package. Similarly, purple is unacceptable in Hispanic nations because it is associated with death....
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