Mini Golf and Coffin Ride comes to Docklands, Melbourne

Topics: Golf, Miniature golf, United States Golf Association Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: May 30, 2014
1888 PressRelease - A great night out includes Glowgolf Mini Golf, Docklands With its 3 Dimensional props, Glowing effects and Sound system, along with interactive putting holes Make this a top family, couples, groups, Corporate get together and tourist destination. The there is the famous 'Coffin Ride'.

Glow Golf Mini Golf (Miniature golf) is based on old fashioned family fun at an affordable price, also great for couples on first dates, corporate social nights, groups of friends as well as Hens and Bucks nights. Mini Golf Melbourne is a small family business where the whole family helps out . The course is an Australian made Miniature golf course and located indoors which is great for inclement weather. Julie says "what we have here is a really awesome presentation of an old fashioned theme based on tried and tested old fashioned family fun. Our Mini Golf has a twist, that is the majority of the Mini golf holes are in the dark under UV lights where the fluorescent paints react and come alive .

The Blyth family having visited various Mini Golf courses throughout the years whilst on holidays, and thought that this concept (that was originally thought of in the USA) was an ideal way to entertain whole families in Melbourne. The thoughts gained momentum and other ideas were stirred into the pot, Glowgolf Mini Golf based on an Australiana theme where not only will tourists learn see attractions about our sun burnt country but children will also notice a thing or two.

"Once again just to add interest we tried to fit a many iconic themes into our mini golf as we could, the Kingswood Ute is there, Crocodile Dundee, Kylie the list just goes on." But it now gets better again added to all this we have also introduced interactive lights and sounds, The radio in the old rusty Ute plays music from Australian legends, the Ute also goes berserk when you put the ball into the back of the Ute, The outback dunny as a bloke groaning like there is no tomorrow, must have...
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