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Topics: Friendship, Protagonist Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: December 3, 2013
Eric Dupree
Mrs. Drayton
English 1 CP
12 September 2013
Boy 21
Have you ever been friends with someone who has been traumatized from their parent’s murder? Boy 21 by Matthew Quick was about a boy named Finley, the main character, who goes through some problems. He having trouble with a girl he’s starting to like named Erin, and also is forced to become friends with Russ (Boy 21), who thinks he’s from outer space after his parents’ murder. In Boy 21 there are main events, conflicts, and problems.

Finley goes through a situation in the story where he had to meet someone that he knew nothing about and become friends with the person. Russ’s Parent where killed when he was little, and ever since then he’s been thinking that he is from outer space and his parents will return to come get him . Finley’s coach was really good friends with Russ’s parents before they passed away, so Russ’s grandparent’s asked to find Russ a friend. Finley didn’t know how he was going to be friends with Russ if he was white and Russ was black. After awhile, their friend ship began to grow after they started to get to know each other better. In Addition, there are also conflicts in the story. After Finley met Russ and, and found out he was into basketball as well, he started worrying about Russ taking his position on the team.Russ hasn't picked up a basketball since the death of his parents, but Finley is still concerned that he still might lose his spot on the team.An example of this would be when Finley stated "What if Boy21 stops thinking he's an alien before basketball season?" "If hes half as good as coach thinks he is, I'll lose my starting position on the team (Matthew Quick, 48). Finley is worried about this because this is he senior year. If Russ takes his position on the team, then all of his hard work would've gone to waste. Finley and Erin are determined to make the team, because they practice all day from sun up to sun down . Lastly, the 2 main characters , Finley and...

Cited: Quick, Matthew. "Boy21." Little Brown and Company
2012. Print.
Inconclusion, I believe that there were some interesting main events, conflicts, and problems. I think the theme of this story is that disappointment can leed to good things when you have good friends. I would recommend this book this book to anyone who wants to read it.
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