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You can enhance the performance of your Mini 4WD by using many of Tamiya's upgrade parts, which can provide increased power or faster speeds. In order to do this, you will need to understand the basic elements of Mini 4WD vehicles. 1. Motor

The installation of a tune-up motor is the best way to increase the speed of your car. There are seven kinds of motors available as upgrades. All of them achieve higher performance than the standard motor included in the kit. It is essential to select the right motor since some are designed for top speed, while others are geared more for cornering. 2. Gear Ratio

At a given motor's output, top speed and acceleration are determined by the gear ratio. In comparison, between a 4:1 gear ratio and a 5:1 gear ratio, the smaller 4:1 ratio is more suitable for speed oriented circuits, while the bigger 5:1 produces more acceleration. 

Performance Differences Among The Various Gear Ratios
Different gear ratios are available for all chassis. Use a small ratio for high speed courses and a bigger one for technical courses with many curves and downs. Set up the gears according to the track you are racing on. 3. Tires

Tires play an important part when it comes to your car's performance. Take into consideration tire weight, diameter, and width, to determine what type of tire will work best for the course you will be running. Difference in Diameters

Small Diameter: Good for a quick start, but not for top speed. Small diameter tires lower the center of gravity and help your car corner better.

Large Diameter: Good top speed and suitable for long straights. Better shock absorption for bumpy course joints.

Difference in width
Wide Tires: Provide stability during cornering. Good for technical courses with banking curves and ups and downs.

Narrow Tires: Good for long straights. Less drag on the motor, which may give the advantage of longer run times. 

Difference in Material
Rubber:: Weighs more than the sponge type, but grips...
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