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minesota v, riff

By chase202036 Mar 22, 2014 425 Words
Minnesota V. Riff Report
Team A
July 19, 2012
Dedra Henry

Minnesota V. Riff Report

When writing police reports, the information provided must be concise, detailed, and relevant to the case. The officer must cover the different elements of the case to include who, what, where, when, and the how. When the officer makes a complete and in depth report, the officer will be able to remember information and maintain the integrity of case. Communications of the Prosecutor

In the matter of Minnesota v. Riff, communication is a vital part of the case. Written and verbal communications are used throughout the investigation and the trial. The prosecution present witnesses to give testimony that will persuade the jury to vote the defendant guilty beyond any doubt. In order to present a solid case, the prosecution must read the written witness account of the events that occurred, write questions to ask the witnesses on the stand, and understand how to ask questions that will give the jury vital information to make an informed verdict. The prosecutor must also be aware of testimony of the witnesses for the defense, so they can develop a counter strategy. The prosecutor is to review the testimony of the opposition and develop questions to ask each witness. The questions must produce in their testimony. Prosecutors must also find reasons that each witness has for lying or misrepresenting the facts. Some reasons include, the witness angry because of a ruined relationship, money owed, had a fight with the accused, or simply does not like the accused. Once the prosecution reviews all witness testimony they must organize and practice providing an opening statement that updates the judge and jury on what their arguments will confirm during the trial. The types of written communication incorporate arranging the casebook. For example, reading the report and determining who the witnesses are and what details of the case do they provide. The prosecutor must understand the charges that are able to be filed against the defendant. The prosecutor is to write queries for witnesses at the court case. The types of verbal communication are how the prosecutor communicates with the witnesses. The prosecutor has to have exceptional communication abilities with jury at the trial to present the case. With the starting statement and though out the case, the prosecutor will need to remain clear, have supporting proof, be ready for any surprise testimony, be knowledgeable of the facts, confirm guilt, positive presentation and convincing The prosecution is able to communicate effectively with the judge, jury, witnesses, defense, and media.

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