Mineral Water Project

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Mineral Water Plant

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The demand for mineral water is increasing at a rapid rate, as people become more health conscious and take precautions against water borne diseases. Bottled mineral water provides easy transportability and assured water quality.



The plant is being designed for minimum economically viable capacity, such that the capital outlay is optimized. The capacity of the various units are as under:
-Purification: 1000 litrers / hour i.e. 8000 litres / 8 hour shift -Bottle Manufacturing: 550 Bottles per hour per machine. 2 nos. machines will give 1100 bottles per hour i.e. 8800 bottles per 8 hour shift. -Bottling : 24 Bottles per minute of 1000 ml. i.e. 1440 Bottles / hour i.e. 11520 Bottles per 8 hour shift. -Labelling : Heat Shrink Tunnel would handle 1000 Bottles per hour. All the 4 capacities have been nearly matched - for any adjustments some of the machines can be run for longer duration.


The plant has 6 components :
1] Purification: Water received from the external source is passed through the purification plant and stored in a stainless steel tank. Thereafter it is fed to the bottling section - and continuos operation achieved. 2] Bottle Manufacturing: Pet preforms are blown into bottles and a sufficient number of bottles, say 1000 nos., kept ready while the machine continues to produce more during the shift , when the bottling has been started. 3] Rinsing - Filling - Capping: The bottles are fed into the machine which automatically rinses, fills and screws the cap on it. Caps are stamped with the date of manufacture and expiry before being put into the hopper for screwing on to the bottle. 4] Labeling: We are proposing use of heat shrink labels and tamper evident heat shrink sleeve on the neck of each bottle. The label and the neck sleeve are to be manually put on the bottles which will then pass through the shrink tunnels and onto packing conveyer. Expiry date and batch number could be printed on labels or caps prior to their being put on the bottles. 5] Heat Shrinking: The bottles are passed through heat shrink tunnel so that the label and neck sleeve, shrink and stick to the bottles. 6] Final Packing: This could be in cartons - done manually - and no machines have been provided for it.


The various machines and equipment being offered by us is explicitly listed here. This does not include miscellaneous items like pipes, electricals etc., which are specific to the site and each project.

Purification Section:
Flow rate : 1000 lit / hour
Raw water quality (assumed) : 1000 ppm as TDS
Description Quantity
Alum doser 3 lit/hr dosage1
2 nos. pump (1W+1S) (SS) 1
Activated Carbon Filter
Flow Rate : 2000 lit/hr.
MOC : SS 3041
Pressure Sand Filter
Flow Rate : 2000 lit/hr.
MOC : SS 3041
Softener 1
Reverse Osmosis System
Permeate Flow : 500 lit/hr.
Consist of :
5 Micron Filter SS-304 PP
H.P. Pump with 3 HP Motor
Membrane - 4 nos.
Pressure Vessel (SS-316) - 4 nos.
Instruments & panel1
Ozone Generator
Capacity - 1 gm/hr.
Ozone Dissolution Col.
MOC : SS-316
Flow Rate : 1000 lit/hr.1
UV Disinfectant
Flow Rate : 1000 lit/hr.1
Storage tank for Pure Water
Capacity : 1000 ltr. SS-3161
Total Cost USD 34,300/-
If the quality of the raw water is good it may not be necessary to use some of the above equipment and consequently the cost can come down. Tanks for Raw water, and alum dosing are to be provided by the client. The output water purification would be in line with WHO specifications - however final results depend on input water quality. Bottle Manufacturing Section:

To achieve 1100 nos. bottles per hour production.
Description Quantity
Stretch Blowing Machine:
upto 2 ltr. Capacity
(Preform Manual Loading Machine...
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