mine workers

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A little Coppermine located in Chile, had a cave that caused thirty-three miners to be trapped underground on August 5, 2010. The miners did not have enough oxygen, water, or food; while trapped no one was sure if the miners would live through this catastrophic event. The miner were trapped in the cave for four days; there were no signs that these miners were still living during this event. Luck struck these families of the mine workers when in tears; were replaced by complete happiness when all thirty-three of the miners were found absolutely saved for all four days.No one could imagine that a catastrophic event like this can take place until it really happens. The company obligation was to make sure that all the mine workers family were aware of this situation; the company would also have to let their other employees know as well. This type of even it is pretty much surprisingly to others no one really thinks that something like this may ever happen. When something like this happens it is very important to handle the news with care especially to family members and loved ones. There will be sympathy and thoughtfulness involved when delivering this type a message.This paper will discuss on how information should be delivered to the families of a special event. This paper will also discuss the actions as an individual has to make before and after the message has been conveyed in order to really know what the purpose of the message was, and what it was intended for.As it was stated before a little of consideration and thought should be kept in mind with the family members and loved ones when delivering a messageSome considerations to consider in this situation would be friendship, co-workers, empathy for the families, understanding of the event, and concern of the situation that took place. The workers were providers for these families and having knowledge of that can help the mine workers feel more secured knowing that their families are being considered...
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