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Marquita Shaw

What are your career goals?

My career goals are to be a fashion designer. A fashion designer who makes clothes to fit every part of a person body. My goal is to get into the art of clothes, texture, style, and motion. I want to make clothes where doe if I put on a dress or shirt I own it and it fit comfortable in look nice and feel good. I want to design clothes that match the size and weight of the person. I want to create a line were everyone would be able to wear my clothes feel comfortable, happy, sexy, styling and feel good that they brought my clothes.

How do you expect your education at The Art Institute Of Philadelphia help you attain them?

I expect The Art Institute of Philadelphia help me attain my goals by teaching me the basic of fashion, how to bring my creation to life. Showing me how to sketch, how to do different patting different texture of fabric. The Art Institute of Philadelphia can bring my creative to a level where my clothes can be sold out of major clothing store. In one day I can open up store worldwide.

In what way will you participate and commit to your education to be successful?

I will participate in my education to be a success by motivating myself to do 100 percent and every area of my work being into my creation, learning different tool to make my creation a good product. Participate in activity learning different technique to make me a better designer showing up to class to learn different level of fashion. In to wake up in to commit to something that I will be doing for the rest of my life is the best commit to success.
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