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Passaic County Community College
Master Syllabus
ACADEMIC YEAR:__2014-2015_______
____________________________________________________________________________________ Course Code: CIS 101
Department/Program: CIS/Information Technology

Course Title: Computer Concepts & Applications
Semester Offered: Fall, Spring and Summer

Catalog Description/Course: This course provides the knowledge necessary to function as a fluent computer user in today’s technological society. Topics include computer terminology, computer hardware and software capabilities, what makes a computer powerful, the societal impact of computers, ergonomics, ethical computing behavior, information privacy, and computer security. Class time and open lab are used to complete hands-on projects encompassing Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), as well as an information literacy project focusing on effective use of the Web. Students with no computing experience are encouraged to complete a computing keyboarding course (CIS 103) before taking this course.

Prerequisites: N/A
Credits: 3.0
Lecture Hours: 3.0

Lab/Studio Hours: N/A

Clinical/Fieldwork Hours: N/A

Notes: For non-majors only. If students are currently or are considering majors in the CIS department (including Computer Science and Information Technology), they should instead take CIS 107 or see a full-time faculty member as soon as possible.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ REQUIRED TEXTBOOK/MATERIALS:
Technology in Action, Introductory, Custom Edition, Evans/et al; Prentice Hall; 2015. Office 2013 Illustrated, Custom Edition, Beskeen et/al; Cengage; 2014. PCCC Portal Account
(Alternately, students can purchase the full, non-custom editions of these books. The Technology in Action book has an ISBN of 0133827356 and the Office 2013 Illustrated has an ISBN of 1285092872. If you are ordering the books online, make sure to pay for fast...
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