Minds Are Opened When Only Hearts Are Opened

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Directions: In questions no 1 to 20 some
parts of the sentences have errors and
some are correct. Find out which parl of
a sentence has an error and blacken the
oval ( ) corresponding to the
appropriate letter (A, B, C) If a sentence
is free from error, blacken the oval
( )corresponding to (D) in the Answer
1. He said (A) / that he wanted a room
(B) / and that his luggage would
follow. C)/ No error (D).
2. Our country (A) / does not lack (B) /
in scientists of quality. C) /No error
3. What really matters (A) / in the
struggle for life (B) / is to overcome
one’s fear. C) / No error (D).
4. It is believed (A) / that smoking is (B)
/one of the causes of cancer. (C)/ No
error (D).
5. This watches superior (A) / and
more expensive (B) / than that one.
C) / No error (D).
6. It is feared that (A) / hundreds of
people (B) / have lost lives. (C) No
error (D).
7. He is (A) / one of those students (B)
/ who comes late regularly. (C) / No
error (D).
8. No other newspaper (A) / has so
large a circulation (B) / like this
newspaper in India (C) / No error
9. It was (A)/ me who telephond (B) /
the fire service. (C) / No error (D).
10. Though she appears to be very tall
(A) /she is just an inch (B) / taller
than me. (C) / No error (D).
11. These meteorological disturbance
disturbances in the atmosphere of art
criticism (A) / have crossed over to
our own shores (B) / bringing mist
and clouds in its wake. (C) / No error
12. This Child (A) / was run over (B) /
with a private bus.(C) No error (D).
13. Kambli is one of the players (A) / who
has been selected (B) / for the test
match. (C) / No error (D).
14. We can decide it (A) / only after (B)
/ fartherinvestigation. (C) / No error
15. On every Sunday (A) / I play cricket
(B) / in the afternoon. (C) / No error.
/ No error (D).
Held on: 16-09-2012
Downloaded From : http://sscportal.in
Downloaded From : http://sscportal.inSSC Graduate Tier–II (16-09-2012) 16. Please arrange (A) / for my boarding
and lodging (B) / in Tirupathi. (C) /
No error (D).
17. Each boy and girl (A) / in the class
(B) / bring a text book each day. (C)
/ No error (D). he would pass
18. Two millions people (A) / attend the
meting (B) / held in parade grounds.
(C) / No error (D).
19. Had millions people (A) / the
examination (B) / in first class. (C) /
No error (D).
20. He not only play (A) / tennis regular
(B) / but also cricket. (C) / No error
Directions: In questions no. 21 to 25,
sentences are given with blanks to be
filled in with an appropriate word
(S).Four alternatives are suggested for
each question. Choose the correct
alternative out of the Four and indicate
it by blackening the appropriate oval ()
in the Answer Sheet.
21. After the treatment, he was relived
----------- - ___________ the pain
(A) for (B) Of
(C) from (D) With
22. Several items have been
left____________ from
(A) Out (B) Within
(C) Behind1 (D) Off
23. I have not paid my school
(A) Alread (B) Now
(C) Then (D) Yet
24. She has seen this movie twice.
(A) Yet (B) Often
(C) Already (D) Quite
25. My father has _________ returned
home from work.
(A) Now (B) Never
(C) Defense (D) Just
Directions: In questions no. 26 to 28, out
of the four alternatives, choose the one
which best expresses the meaning of the
given word and mark it in the Answer
26. Onslaught
(A) Counterattack (B)
(C) Defense (D) Invasion
27. Grotesque
(A) Exposure (B) Stupidity
(C) Absurd (D) Trial
28. Ignominy
(A) Exposure (B) Stupidity
(C) Disgrace (D) Trial
Directions: In Questions no. 29 t 31,
choose the word opposite in meaning to
the given word and mark it in the
Answer Sheet.
29. Fervent
(A) Partial (B) Dispassionate
(C) Ardent (D) Decent
30. Garrulous
(A) Verbose (B) Serious reticent
(C) Gaunt (D) Gaunt
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