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The Power of Mind Mapping!
"How to Use Mind Maps to Boost Your Creativity, Achieve Faster Success, Greater Results, and Develop Winning Ideas at the Speed of Thought!"

Welcome, and congratulations on downloading your personal copy of "The Power of Mind Mapping" The purpose of this free e-book is to show you the great potential of mind mapping, and to provide you with some useful tools for creating your own mind maps easily. My intention is to introduce the basic concepts of mind mapping and give you everything you need to get started. After reading this e-book, you will be equipped with all the knowledge and inspiration necessary to develop your own winning mind mapping techniques! Here is a short sample of the things mind mapping can do for you... • • • • • • • • • Dramatically accelerate your learning capacity Instantly see connections and links between different subjects Develop effective brainstorming techniques Help your mind become a powerful idea generator Quickly gain insight into the big picture of any project Increase your ability to memorize and remember Boost your creativity Optimize and simplify any project you may have …and much more!

In other words, mind mapping can be a very useful and powerful tool for you. I personally use mind mapping in almost everything I do, and I believe you too will appreciate the great advantages of these techniques while reading this book. Before we get started, I would like to say a few words about Tony Buzan, the originator of Mind Maps... Tony Buzan was born in London 1942, and graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1964. While developing his understanding of the human mind, he studied psychology, neuro-physiology, neuro-linguistics, semantics, information, perception and general sciences.

In 1971, Tony realized that a new computer came with a 1000 page manual, while humans were born with a brain billions of times more powerful than computers - but without a manual. It was then that he began to visualize an operating manual for the brain - and the concepts of Radiant Thinking and Mind Mapping began to emerge. Tony Buzan has now published over twenty books about the human brain, creativity and learning, and in my opinion he is the most experienced expert in this area. You can benefit from mind mapping in almost everything you do. This amazing tool will help you optimize your creativity no matter what projects you are working on. It will help you reach your goals faster - and with more accuracy. Please feel free to Spread The Word about this free e-book and share it with your friends. Together you can discuss these powerful concepts and develop your mind mapping techniques with great success! If you have a website, you are most welcome to publish this e-book there as well, or point your visitors to the download link (www.FortuneWell.com) The only thing to keep in mind when you give away this book to your friends and website visitors, is that the contents of the e-book must remain intact. And it is to be given away for free, so do not charge anyone for it. Besides that, you are very welcome to send it to everyone you know. Oh, and by the way …I do not claim to be the expert on mind mapping. However, I have used these techniques myself for quite some time and developed my personal skills successfully. I have done my homework, so to speak. I know what works, and what doesn't. This e-book contains the information you need to get started creating mind maps - and it will show you how to use them as a superior tool to optimize your personal projects. It will give you the necessary knowledge to start saving time, boost your creativity, create winning ideas, enhance your memory, structure your knowledge, and sharpen your focus! So please, go ahead and read the e-book. Send it to your friends and use it together. ...and refine your mind mapping skills to succeed with any project you may have! Good luck! Marcus Ingemann -FortuneWell.com...
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