Mindless Eating

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Dieting Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: March 7, 2009

I basically agree with what Wansink has to say about why people sometimes overeat unknowingly. This book itself is called Mindless Eating simply because sometimes we are unaware of what actually prompt us to eat what we eat and at what quantities. What is good about this book is that it does not sell unrealistic approach on how to lose weight, but instead shows us that it is the power of human brain which ultimately leads us to eat more or less. All those carbs, fat grams, and calories come behind. There are a lot of new discoveries- which I honestly never though about- that this book brings to surface. Having an open candy dish in your home or office makes it more likely that you will snack on whatever you put in there even when you are not hungry is one. Another is that foods with descriptive names will seem to taste better than those with less attractive labels although they are made of the same ingredients. Moreover, Wansink approach to the readers is not preachy at all, but full of eye-opening information which is really interesting in many ways. The book offers plenty of interesting studies, and one of my personal favorite is the study of strawberry yogurt, in which Wansink and his team invite 32 people to rate the taste of some new strawberry yogurts. The only exception is that they have to eat with the lights turned off; and that they have no clue that the researchers actually gave them chocolate yogurt instead of strawberry. Strangely, the mere suggestions that they were eating strawberry yogurt led 19 out of 32 people to rate it as having good strawberry taste. This simply concludes that we taste what we think we will taste; so if we can’t see the food and someone tells us we’re going to taste strawberry, strawberry it will be. Another thing I like about this book is that each chapter has its own “reengineering strategy” section; a part where Wansink gives us tips to make a change to our surrounding that can tempt us to overeat. For example,...
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