Topics: Consciousness, Mind, Awareness Pages: 3 (1262 words) Published: October 30, 2014

Wk 25/ 4th April 2014 Journal Homework Assignment Jeanette Sweeney: 20243457 BTEC Level 5 counselling Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling Tutors: Jacqueline Lloyd/ Emma Wilkinson
Today the theory was about mindfulness, and I have to admit that I didn’t know the true depth of its meaning. With my newly acquired knowledge I am aware that it is yet another incredibly deep meaningful hypothesis with a myriad of philosophical approaches. In this journal I will endeavour to provide a clear (concise as it can be) overview of mindfulness. I always associated mindfulness with being careful (be mindful of that road) or as a reminder (be mindful about dads birthday this week) consequently I thought when I said such things I was using mindfulness. I realise now that is erroneous. I assume this is a common misconception because I frequently hear the word used inappropriately. The term mindfulness derives from a ‘Pali’ language word ‘Sati’ meaning ‘to remember but as a mode of consciousness it commonly denotes presence of mind (Bodhi, 2000). I assume that means remember to be conscious of what’s unconscious. Brown et al, (2007) proffer that mindfulness is a quality of consciousness and it’s relation to the contents of unconsciousness. In the last few decades there has been an incredible influx of interest concerning mindfulness, and it’s augmentation regarding mental health & well being, physical health, behavioural regulation, and interpersonal relationships (Brown et al, 2007). Mindful-based approaches have been the focus of increasing research, in 2003 there were 52 papers published, and that rose to 477 in 2012. However, the concept of mindfulness is securely rooted in Buddhist psychology it has theoretical associations with many notions developed by a variety of philosophical and psychological traditions which I have listed (Brown et al, 2007). Greek Philosophy

Naturalism (later western thought)...

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