Mind vs. Body
Topics: René Descartes, Mind, Epistemology, Perception, Psychology, Cognition / Pages: 4 (886 words) / Published: Apr 12th, 2013

Mind vs. Body

In this paper I will argue that the mind is better known than the body. There are two main reasons I can say this according to Rene Descartes: meditation 1 all I know is that I don’t have knowledge and meditation 2 I know that I exist because I think.
In my first argument I will explain according to Rene Descartes that all I know is that I don’t have knowledge. Rene Descartes starts to write some meditations, I am going to defend my first argument with meditation 1.
In mediation 1 Descartes starts by whether or not our beliefs must be doubted, the first part he wrote “I have so far accepted a supremely true I have learned either from the senses or though the senses. But I have occasionally caught the senses deceiving me.”(Perry, Bratman, and Fischer 136,137) here he mean that because our beliefs are perceive by our senses, and our senses sometimes deceive us, we cannot trust our sense so we doubt those beliefs in other to acquired knowledge. Now that we know that we perceive Trough our sense, he introduce the dream argument, when we dream we feel that it really is happening until we wake up, so it feels real but the things that are in the dream do not exist. If a dream fells real how do we know that we are not dreaming right now? And does the real world exist? This refers to the part in his meditation where he wrote “I can distinguish sleeping from waking that I am stupefied – and my stupor itself suggested that I am sleep.”(Perry, Bratman, and Fischer 137) so if we know that the knowledge that comes from our sense (we can call it posterior knowledge) does not exist or we doubt it, we still have a knowledge that comes from the reasoning (priority knowledge) such as geometry, mathematics, ect. Priority knowledge cannot be doubt for example ten plus ten equals twenty and the always is going to be twenty.
To be able to doubt priority knowledge Descartes present something that will deceive our mind the only thing that can deceive those beliefs is

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