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Mind Spr2012

The purpose of the research paper is to provide you with an opportunity to explore in greater depth a topic relevant to this quarter’s focus on individuals as social beings in the form of a review. Your paper should draw on empirical research that adds to our understanding of a coherent and well-specified issue or question. Your paper should incorporate research from a range of perspectives, either across levels of explanation or across disciplinary perspectives. Journals such as Current Directions in Psychological Science and Trends in Cognitive Sciences can be used as an example of brief review papers. Topic selection. Developing a tractable and coherent research topic is part of the process of conducting research. Although any topic that focuses on the relation of the individual to the group is potentially appropriate, it must be developed within the context of an existing literature or literatures relevant to psychology. You will undoubtedly need to refine the scope of your paper as your research progresses until you have formulated a specific and well-defined research question or issue. Searching for readings. We expect you to go beyond the reading list for the course and discuss additional material that bears directly on your topic. However, you should not try to cover too much material, 3-6 additional sources are all that can generally be discussed coherently in a 10-page paper. One way to find relevant material is to scan through the readings for the course and see which topics interest you. When you find an interesting reading, look up some of the references cited that sound interesting. In turn, these readings may lead to further materials of interest. This allows you to look back from a particular paper to find the earlier papers that it references. You can also look forward; to see which subsequent papers reference a particular published paper. This can be done by using a cited reference search on ISI Web of...
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