Mind Reading Computers

Topics: Computer, Mind, Artificial intelligence Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: August 13, 2014

K.V.S.B.Devi (3/4 B.Tech CSE)
K.Divya Sowjanya (3/4 B.Tech CSE)
G.Nissi Deepthi (3/4 B.Tech CSE)
Andhra University College of Engineering for Women
Team Id: 2499
Topic Chosen From Computer Science Engineering
Mind reading encompasses our ability to attribute mental states to others, and is essential for operating in a complex social environment. The goal in building mind reading machines is to enable computer technologies to understand and react to people's emotions and mental states. The system is based on a multilevel dynamic Bayesian network classifier which models cognitive mental states as a number of interacting facial and head displays. Experimental results yield an average recognition rate of 87.4% for 6 mental states groups: agreement, concentrating, and disagreement, interested, thinking and unsure. If we could learn to identify brain waves generated by specific thoughts or commands, we might be able to teach the same skill to a computer. The machine might even be able to react to those commands by, say, moving a dot across a TV screen. So far the S.R.I, computer has been taught to recognize seven different commands—up, down, left, right, slow, fast and stop. A computer can, in a very real sense, read human minds. Although the dot's gyrations are directed by a computer, the machine was only carrying out the orders of the test subject. Though computers can solve extraordinarily complex problems with incredible speed, the information they digest is fed to them by such slow, cumbersome tools as typewriter keyboards or punched tapes. Mind reading allows us to make sense of other people’s behaviour, predict what they might do next, and how they might feel. The ability to mind reading abilities are thought to be the primary inhibitor of emotion and social understanding in people diagnosed with autism. People express their mental states, including emotions, thoughts, and desires, all the time through facial...
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