Mina Loy

Topics: Poetry, Love, Meaning of life Pages: 4 (1558 words) Published: August 19, 2013
Mina Loy

As a writer in the 1930s, Mina Loy was a woman of many words. Though she was not well known among poets in her time, she did contribute strong works of poetry that got her noticed. One of Loy's most prominent works was “Love Song”, a poem that distinguished the biological from the romantic, and the physical from the metaphysical. This poem was influenced by Mina’s past, leading to her use skillful but disturbing language and her great usage of syntax. These three come together to help the reader fully understand the hidden meaning of her words. Mina was born as Mina Gertrude Lowy on December 27, 1882 in London. Her father was a Hungarian Jew while her mother was an English Protestant. Mina’s favorite hobby was art and so she studied painting in Munich for two years. After that she moved around a lot to such places as England, Paris, Florence, even to Greenwich Village and then returning to Paris. All of these experiences allowed her to be influenced by the style and culture of the age. She was exposed to a variety of unique styles such as Victorian, impressionism, futurism, and bohemian ways of painting making it difficult for her to actually stick to one artistic category. While studying in London she met pupil Stephen Haweis. They moved to Paris together and were wed there. Mina did not take Stephen’s last name but instead changed it from “Lowy,” to “Loy.” This showed her feminist side, giving her the power to choose her name and showed her independence. She had her first child Oda in May 1904, but the little girl past away on her first birthday. Mina and Stephen moved back to Florence and had two more children, but by that time their marriage was deteriorating. In ten years they would both living separate lives. She continued to write and paint (Goody). It can be said that Mina Loy was an exceptional painter, poet and feminist. In 1916 she left her children in the care of their nurse and went to New York. There she met Arthur Cravan, this man...
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