Mimosa Pudica

Topics: Mimosa pudica, Mimosa, Rapid plant movement Pages: 6 (1810 words) Published: September 28, 2012
Mimosa Pudica
( Makahiya ) as a Vicks Vapor Rub

Camille H. Villaflores
IV - Diamond

Chapter I

A . Background of the Study

The uses of traditional medicinal plants in relieving symptoms of disease and curing various infections date back many centuries. In recent years, considerable interest has developed in Asian countries in the collection and extended use of indigenous and introduced Plants for medicinal purposes. Knowledge of medicinal plants has been the key for the survival of the ethnic groups who live in the interior. Peoples who live far from towns and in forest still rely on traditional cures handed down to them through the generations. They use these plants in one form or another to cure or a variety of ills, for example, toothache, stomach-ache and cough. People who are below the poverty line and who cannot afford the high cost of commercial synthetic medicines from drugstores opt to the use of local plants within their reach. These plants can be found around their house yards, rice fields, gardens, roadsides and rivers. These can be obtained readily, cheaply and entail easy preparation and application.

We are now experiencing rainy seasons and some common illness like cough , muscle pain and cold might come and one way of relieving those is by using a decongestant . A decongestant is a medication that relieve nasal congestion . Buying commercial decongestant can make you feel better but this will cost a lot . Using alternative plants to relieve nasal congestion is not commonly use in the Philippines .This discovery is beneficial to humans . Makahiya is known as a diuretic, and is considered alterant , analgesic, antidepressant and antiasthmatic. It is used for urinary complaints, has a cooling power and is useful in diseases arising from corrupt blood and bile. This finding, stimulate the researcher to attempt to study the Effectivity of Mimosa Pudica (Makahiya) root extract as a decongestant.

B . Statement of the Problem

The study aims to determine the effectivity of Mimosa Pudica (Makahiya) root extract, specifically it answer the following question,

1. Is Mimosa Pudica (Makahiya) effective as a Decongestant ? 2. What is the best concentration of Mimosa Pudica (Makahiya) root extract that is effective to relieve nasal congestion ?

C . Significance of the Study

Highly educated people living in urban cities and surrounded by modernized hospitals seemed to ignore the importance of herbal medicinal plants like Mimosa Pudica (Makahiya), more so those who are well of do not subscribe to any medicinal plants used by ethnic groups . However due to increase and high prices of medicines sold at the drugstores people who belong to the poverty status are compelled to use medicinal plants. Relevant to the uses of medicinal plants, the result of this study will inform the people and the community . It is both beneficial to young or old , and boy or girl .Makahiya will become an alternative decongestant that can benefit people in the community . It is readily available in our surrounding and can be prepared easily. It will reduce our budget in relieving nasal congestion and muscle pain. The study will served as the first step in the discovery of the bioactive compounds of Makahiya roots. Finally, these serve as references for other researchers of the similar study.

D . Scope and Limitation

The area of this study is limited to the effectivity of Mimosa Pudica (Makahiya) in relieving nasal congestion and muscle pain in children , adults and even elderly .

Chapter II

Review of Related Literature

The Sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica L.) is a creeping annual or perennial herb often grown for its curiosity value: the compound leaves fold inward and droop when touched, re-opening within minutes. Mimosa pudica is...
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