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Topics: Paradise Lost, Michael, Adam and Eve Pages: 6 (2432 words) Published: October 16, 2013
 John Milton “Paradise Lost” analysis John Milton - one of the greatest poets of England, the largest writer and leader of the Great British revolution. Everything written by Milton in half a century, the undeniable skill, pales next to his masterpiece - the poem "Paradise Lost." As a student, poet, decided to create an epic piece that would be glorified England and its literature. The poet reflects on the reason of disobedience of the first four people who violated the ban is the only Creator of all things and were cast out of Eden. Chastened by the Holy Spirit, the poet calls the culprit fall of Adam and Eve: is Satan, who appeared to him in the guise of the serpent. "Paradise Lost" is interesting as an expression of the philosophical views of Milton He spends here the idea of ​​the unity of body and soul, between man and animal, "the difference is only in degree," for all of them - different kinds of matter, which is the source of all that exists. In " Paradise Lost, " Milton denies the doctrine of the Trinity , Christ - God's first creation , the latter also created the world by the emanations of his being , and he knows everything and foresees , but the world is developing in accordance with the laws of nature - mother. Milton protects the freedom of man's will , which God created free . But Milton contradicted himself , admitting the omnipotence of God : the result of the immaturity of its materialism , "Paradise Lost ," thus , is of interest not only as a brilliant poetic work , but also as one of the earliest manifestations of inconsistent philosophical materialism. Expressing his poem in the English bourgeoisie hope for a new revolution , Milton thinks of it as a triumph of " reason over passion " - the influence of the reaction and the bitterness of defeat forced him to abandon the violent overthrow of the monarchy : a victory for him was now in the spiritual rebirth of mankind. Long before God created the earth and mankind Satan in his inordinate pride rebelled against the King of Kings, involved in the mutiny part of the Angels, but was overthrown with them from Heaven to Hell , in the region of total darkness and chaos . Prostrate , but immortal , Satan resigned to defeat and does not repent . He prefers to be the ruler of Hell, and not a servant of Heaven . Calling for Beelzebub , his close ally , he convinces him to continue the fight with the Eternal King and do only evil contrary to His sovereign will. Satan tells his minions that the Almighty will soon create a new world and its creatures inhabit , which I have loved along with the Angels. If you act cunning , you can grab the newly created world . In Pandemonium going to the general council of chiefs armies of Satan. Opinion leaders are divided : those in favor of the war , others - against . Finally , they agree with the suggestion of Satan to test the truth of ancient legends, which refers to the creation of a new God of peace and the creation of man . According to tradition, the creation of this new world has come. As soon as Satan and his angels closed the path to heaven , you should try to capture the newly created world , expel or gain over its inhabitants and so avenge the Creator. Satan is sent on a risky journey . It overcomes the abyss between Heaven and Hell , and the chaos of her ancient lord , shows him the way to new world. God , who sits on the throne of his highest , where he begins to see the past, present and future , sees Satan, who flies to new world. Addressing his only begotten Son , the Lord prejudge the fall of man , endowed with free will and the right to choose between good and evil. The Almighty Creator is ready to pardon the man , but before he should be punished for being in violation of his ban , dared to compete with God. From now on, the man and his descendants would be condemned to death, from which they could save only those who sacrifice themselves for their redemption. To save...
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