Milton Hershey: What Factors or Events Made the Person a Leader?
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Milton Hershey was not the type of person that anyone would have viewed as a leader, or shrewd businessman. Being born into a rather poor lower class family, he was not very well educated. The one thing that we do know for sure though, is that leaders are not born, they are made. This is exactly the case of Milton Hershey, and because of his undying determination to succeed, he became one of the greatest success stories of all time.

What factors or events made the person a leader?

For Milton Hershey, he was the type of person that not a lot of people expected a whole lot out of. He was your typical small town boy, and although he had very little growing up, he learned to be happy with what he was given. Although Milton Hershey, did grow to be an amazing businessman, he had almost no formal schooling or education after being thirteen years of age. He left school to work, and also to help take care with his mother. It was while Milton was growing up, that his father (Henry) left his mother. In many ways, it was Henry, Milton's father, who inspired him to be the type of leader he was, and to never give up, no matter how many times he failed. While Milton was still growing up, Henry tried getting in on the oil business that was going on at the time. While he did learn a lot from the experience, he walked away empty handed. The problem that Milton could see with his father, was that he was bursting full of ideas, but he had no money, and was growing older as time went on. It was this sense of determination and entrepreneurship that was about to make Milton a lot of money. Milton actually started off with his first candy store in a little shop in Philadelphia. It cost him $150 to get it up and running, and he ended up failing miserably in it. After this, he tried starting another candy business in New York City. This as well failed. It wasn't until Milton started dealing with caramel, that he really started seeing results back on his business that

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